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Korean Mcure Beauty



2) Micro Rolling Needle

3)Skin rejuvenation

4)Portable skin clean

Origin: Gangwon-do South Korea


Micro Rolling Needle for Skin rejuvenation, Skin elasticity, Wrinkle/ Stretch mark/ Acne scar reduction, Whitening, etc. AMTS-H (Auto Micro-needle Therapy System) presents a new type of micro needle therapy. It is an electronic, automated micro needle, with guides that adjusts needle length, disposable needles, rechargeable batteries, and wireless hand piece. It is hygienic, convenient, and safe. The perpendicular movement of the needle tip enables treatment of narrow areas, and lessens the pain.

Benfits of AMTS-H:

Skin rejuvenation

Skin elasticity

Wrinkle/ Stretch mark/ Acne scar reduction,


Stimulation of hair growth

Administration of active ingredients


The product is automatic and rechargeable. It is easy to use, and also safe to use since the needle tips are hidden inside the guide.

Needle tips are disposable. It is safe to share the hand-piece with family members or friends. Be sure to change needles and the guide.

It is economical. You do not have to buy a new one every time. Just replace the needle!

It is less painful with AMTS-H. The needle tips are inserted to your skin at a perpendicularly, pain is minimized.

Needle length is adjustable to different sizes depends on the areas or the purpose of the treatment.

It is more convenient to treat narrow areas such as nose, around eyes, or mouth. The needle tip has a diameter of 10mm, and the hand-piece allows you to treat areas in whichever angles you want to.


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