PRODUCT / MEDICAL / Centrifuge


Max. RPM 4,000 rpm (Fixed angle rotor)
4,000 rpm (Swingout rotor)
Max. RCF 2,789 x g (Fixed angle rotor)
3,088 x g (Swingout rotor)
MAX. capacity 24 x 15ml (Fixed angle rotor)
6 x 50ml (Swingout rotor)
Time 99 min 59 sec
Display Super Black LCD
Motor AC Induction Motor
Acceleration Phase 0~5 (6 steps)
Deceleration Phase 0~5 (6 steps)
Rotor AL15-12,AL15-24,SL50-6
Power supply AC110V~220V, 50/60Hz
Dimension 448.5x531x285.8(mm)
Weight 18kg
Memory 10 Memories

General Description

Separation & analysis of body fluid & blood in histological test
Changing rotors of 15ml~50ml
Basic test equipment in laboratory

Max. RPM 4,000rpm
Max. RCF 2,789 x g (Fixed angle rotor), 3,088 x g (Swingout rotor)
MAX. capacity 24 x 15ml (Fixed angle rotor) ,6 x 50ml (Swingout rotor)
Temperature range Air Cooling

* As these Products are "Medical Equipments". Please operate and use according to "Precautions" and "how to use".


Angle & swing rotor

Natural Deceleration for efficient separation of blood

Bucket for 85ml tube

Spin down(Pulse) function

Memory for various test condition


Detecting abnormal RPM

Detecting abnormal Vibration of Rotor

Detecting System error

Detecting door open


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